by awthentik

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In a world where our youth is more lost than ever, Awthentik brings you a breath of fresh air with "Silence is Golden, Ignorance is Platinum". 11 tracks of gritty, raw, compelling hiphop that will definitely take you back to the time when you loved our beloved lost art called Hip Hop.


released July 5, 2013

Written and Produced By: Awthentik



all rights reserved


awthentik Silver Spring

Modern hiphop has come a long way for greater or worse. With the internet booming with infinite ways for an artist to be heard, the pool of talent has diminished. Hailing from right outside the nations capital, Awthentik brings a fresh approach with a recognizable flavor from the "Golden era" of hiphop. ... more

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Track Name: Realization Point
fall victim to the dopest
heaven or hell? we livin for the moment... yeah
20 deep keep your eye on the streets
Im more scared I might die in my sleep
A little youngin got big city dreams, nightmares on the blackest night
Mickey D's budget with a gourmet appetite
aftermath in my dre beats in the afterlife
after I've been sippin on a half a pint... yeah
my eyes open lookin up at the sky like
they dont give a fuck in disguise
shorty care more about her hair than whats under her scalp
she losin' her mind, her weave fallin out
We sippin Don we pour it up
all my niggas went to college but now yall look broke as fuck
what happened to that promise of the American Dream?
seems apparent thats a sceam ....drivin
suspended license and I'm runnin this light
I took shots naw it wasn't no light
I know responsibility is chivalry I'm prayin for Mike
my older brother got locked down twice.... thats a tragedy
Rap is for us raggedy niggas with no rights
my best friends backstab with the rusty blade of knife
overpriced, overwhelmed by its vice
it made me realize Hiphop's my life..... I love it though
Track Name: I Been Trying
a Lost soul for that gold I been runnin wild
I'm Coming up, Up and Up, Godsilla style
I told em Laelo
but niggas greedy going greezy for the Pesos
for what an 1/8th sold
I getting curious and labels getting furious
I spit a Pro'verb like I been rolling with a Lyriciss
Them nike's on my feet like Nando
No draws for ya bitch, Im commando
With my blunt rockin headband like Rambo
Youngin's frontin like my Fuckin pen lost ammo
Listening to uptown Xo Uptown
bullets flying round my city, sign me to duck down
youngins hatin like I really give a fuck now
I used to let my jeans hang, my nuts now
going for this money G, to get up out these bummy jeans
I incwell, think swell
remind me of the grungy scene
sipping liquor with my nigga with a half a jay
I Tupac 95, spinnin Alizay
I blackout when push comes to shove
you can find me in the city that I love

Me and my crew on the grind tryin to come up
plottin to find a way to get one up.. one up
waste no time, rest my head when the sun up
look at your little shorty wanna bun up
She trying nigga